What we do

SUNDAY MEETING: at 9.30 am for worship, teaching and fellowship. Children's activities: Children in the 5-12 years age group join the adults in the worship time but have a Kingdom Kids activity during the teaching time. This is aimed to provide loads of fun, friendship & games all based on bible teaching.
OUR AIM is to equip ordinary people through discipleship and relationship to show Christ to the world. This aim lies at the heart of all our activities which are outlined below.
BIBLE STUDY GROUPS: Midweek meetings at membersí homes to study Godís word & encourage each other.
PRAYER is an important feature of our church life and we meet to pray on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. We also have PRAYER HOMES where members gather in homes to seek God in intercession. On the first Friday of each month, we come together for a corporate time of prayer, from 6-10 pm in the church building. Besides these, members of this local church are involved in a number of other OUTREACH ACTIVITIES, where we seek to show the love, power and compassion of Jesus to the needy. These include helping the poor, feeding the destitute, ministering to the sick in hospitals etc.

Our vision

OUR VISION is to be a living expression of Christís Church, serving the towns and villages of this part of Goa. Over the years, we have enabled other expressions of Christís body to be established in other towns in Goa and in neighbouring states in India. We do not claim to be better than other churches, or to have all the answers. What unites us is a desire to serve God in this place. In doing that, we are willing to make whatever changes are necessary in order to obey what God has said in the Bible