Who are we

The leadership team:
Members of the leadership team:
Ranjit Rodrigues (Lead Elder)
Mario Furtado (Elder)
Bosco Carvalho
Savio Carvalho

OUR ROOTS go back to 1988 when our fellowship began as a small group of God-loving Christians.
OUR NAME indicates our desire to share with everyone the wonderful news that Jesus is alive, forgives sin and pours out blessing on all those who belong to Him.
OUR LINKS: Over the years, links have developed with a growing number of churches in Goa and around the world who want to work together to build biblically. This group, based on relationship rather than organisation, is known as NewFrontiers. We also love, respect and value our friendships with members of other local churches in our town.
OUR LEADERS: A team of Elders and leaders guide and care for our church. Ranjit Rodrigues leads the team and can be contacted either at the church office on +91-832-2750766. If needed, his cell number is +919850420696 Our Office Assistant is Carlos Pires. He is available in the office from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and can be contacted for help and information on the same numbers above.

What we believe